SWFL Regional Planning Council FLU 2020

Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council Future Land Use Plan (adopted 2001)


This scenario is based on the conservation and development patterns shown in the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council's 2020 Future Land Use layer (published in 2003).


We performed change detection against 2015 conservation areas to eliminate areas currently under conservation management. We also interpretted "conservation" in the orginal classification to be "private conservation" for our scenario purposes. While the category is ambiguous in the original planning document, FLU often influences zoning, but does not provide funding. Thus it is likely that the majority of lands marked as conservation would remain in private hands.

We also added the same climate simulation data to this scenario as was used in the rest of our set. This was so that the RPC plan could be viewed in the same context as these scenarios, with differences being attributable to development policy choices alone. Some of the areas projected for development were also projected to be inundated by SLR by 2060. In these cases, we depicted the land cover as SLR or transitional saline wetlands.

The scenario was clipped to the intersection of the original plan area (the Regional Planning Council Counties) and our 3-county study area. The full extent of SLR in the Everglades region is not shown, since that area is in Monroe County

Important Caveat

Because it represents planning conducted before the housing boom and bust of the mid 2000s, caution is advised in its interpretation. However at the time of this study, this represents the most-current plan information available.